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Welcome at Centrum Pæle A/S

​Centrum Pæle A/S was founded in 1965 at the company’s current address in Vejle with the primary purpose of manufacturing reinforced precsat concrete piles.

Today, we manufacture our proprietary pile splices (CPG) and our standard concrete piles programme, using the most advanced technology available. In addition, we also manufacture foundations for railway electrification masts.

Today our factory employs about 60 people, who are engaged in the production of piles and pile splices, as well as in the development of modern and automated production equipment. Working closely together with our other factories, we primarily develop manufacturing equipment from our factory in Vejle.​

Centrum Pæle participates in the research project COOLGEOHEAT
As an industrial partner, Centrum Pæle is part of an international research project that aims to make the energy supply in the cities of the future sustainable and independent of fossil fuels.
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Visit by Vejle Municipality's Climate Council and Vejle's mayor
Vejle Municipality's Climate Council and Mayor Jens Ejner Christensen now know how energy poles can ensure sustainable heating and cooling in Ny Rosborg and elsewhere in the municipality.
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Centrum Pæle A/S

Grønlandsvej 96, 7100 Vejle, Danmark​

​+45 75 83 01 11​

Other Centrum Locations:​


CVR: 27242561

​Grønlandsvej 96,

7100 Vejle, Danmark